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Packaging Branding

A BC mountain classic gets a fresh aspect by looking back to its storied past.

Whistler Brewing Co.

Whistler Brewing Company has a strong reputation as
a true BC brewery, with the heart of a local. To a large degree, their story is the Whistler story – clean, clear, natural, and very true to the BC dream. But there was
also a quiet story of nostalgia, simplicity, and craftsmanship – hearkening back to the old days of fresh powder to yourself and a rustic, sparse village at the foot of the mountain. This wasn't coming through as powerfully as it could.

The key was in taking the Whistler brand back to its roots. Evocative hand-drawn illustrations of local animal life gave Whistler Brewing Co. a simple, craft feel. Inventive packaging for mixer packs cued to weekend trips to the mountains, and an old-school ski bum's life. And the overall effect created a brand that felt very forward – all by looking back to a simpler, emotionally rich past. Responses from retailers, pubs, and beer drinkers have been rather frothy – in a good way. And sales are up.

Evocative hand-drawn illustrations give Whistler Brewing Company a simple, handcrafted feel.

The process

Updating a classic

Whistler Brewing already had plenty of loyal drinkers.
A controlled transition into a new brand identity was in order, to avoid alienating this existing base. The logo and other elements were eased toward the feel that would make sense for the years to come, and for new markets.

Whistler Brewing Company
Beer Design

The rebrand

Bottle Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • 6 Pack Design
  • Lager
  • Ale
  • Limited Run Brew
  • Custom Illustration
  • 6 Pack Design
  • Lager
  • Ale
  • Limited Run Brew

Animal antics

Everyone loves animals. And of course, the wild is what Whistler is all about. So hand-drawn,
iconic Whistler animals were the perfect solution – for Whistler Brewing's long time customers,
and for the new audiences they wanted to reach.

Whistler Brewing Print Design

Recipes as old as the hills

For the limited edition craft brews, the illustrations depicted special ingredients and mountain scenes in warm, hand-illustrated tones.

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