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The answer is in the trenches

Westwind Performance Consulting

Consulting in heavy industry (mining, forestry, manufacturing, for example) has a bit of a bad rep. It tends to be associated with, at best, capital injection and new equipment; and, at worst, job cuts or plant closure. (Once the consultants come in, bad changes often follow.) Overcoming this ingrained skepticism – and earning trust – requires blunt honesty, boots-on-the-ground expertise and a genuine desire to help. When we met them, Westwind Performance had racked up some serious positive numbers for their clients, earning them distinction within the industry. Embedding its team within the workforce – from the boardroom to riding shotgun – allows for a unique perspective of the challenges that clients face. And long experience with motivation and workflow analysis did the rest. Westwind could make the complex seem simple, and was garnering huge turnarounds from even the most stubborn crews.

The challenge lay in articulating that key difference to extremely busy senior decision makers, who have no time for overblown brand profiles or process documentation. This requires a deep understanding of each industry’s unique lexicon, and a fair amount of bravado. Toolbox created a disarmingly simple communication style: engaging on a conversational level before revealing the deeper offer. Coupled with challenging, bold imagery, this served to open the door a crack. From there, Westwind’s team could clock in on some face-time, and close the deal.

Westwind Feedback is Fact

A bone-deep understanding

Before we could help tell this story to Westwind’s audience, we had to understand it deeply ourselves. Toolbox mustered a team ‘honesty session’ – an envisioning meeting where the Westwind team took a good hard look at themselves, from many angles. This yielded gold: a clear, distilled version of Westwind Performance’s unique and ownable traits. A clear starting point, that everyone could rally around.
Westwind Leadership - Coaching Westwind Instrument of change
This face-to-face session led to a comprehensive Brand ID document, which defined the look and feel for Westwind, and told its key stories. This core document formed the source-code for the Westwind identity – a brand engineered to make a big impact among their audiences.
Getting Westwind’s core ideas across in the real world required some punch. Image and copy supported the idea of “boots on the ground”, while also zeroing in on the business goals that their clients rightly obsessed over. Accordingly, the Westwind world is staged against a tough, monochromatic landscape- yet the personality is present, tough, and engaged, where it matters most.
Westwind - Progress In Work - Unearth Truth - Dig Deeper
Westwind Uncommon Sense Westwind Dig Deeper
Framing all these messages in the context of heavy industry generates the (accurate) impression that Westwind understands their clients’ world. Westwind’s collateral communicated this outlook at every opportunity, inspiring enquiry – and opening the door for the Westwind team to close the deal on more contracts.
Westwind iPad
Westwind iPad glare
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