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Small Business Branding

When it comes to interiors,
a bit of whimsy goes a long way.

Walrus on Cambie

Walrus is a clearheaded little home décor boutique on the Cambie Village strip. The people at Walrus – alumni of Inform Interiors – were looking to collaborate with Toolbox on the initial identity for the store. Recognizing the chance to work with other inspired creatives, we jumped at the chance. We knew right away we needed to create a brand simple enough to encompass everything Walrus offered, but refined enough to appeal to the elevated tastes of its local clientele.

The solution began with a simple, whimsical name, with a hint of mystery. A strident wordmark emboldens the Walrus name, and exudes confidence (without explaining away the mystery). Soften this with playful messaging, and you have a brand that nicely expresses the simple, quiet inspiration of the store itself – and the people who work there. Best of all, business is brisk in the neighbourhood.

“To begin, their detailed consultation process and face-to-face informal meetings allowed us to get to know one-another and communicate effectively our project objectives.”

Caroline Boquist, Owner

Neighbourhood Store
Interiors Design
Cambie Village
Small Business Design
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