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Poster Design

A bright, vivid, imaginative little world comes alive.

Vancouver International Children's Festival

The Vancouver international Children’s Festival has been singing, dancing, and playing proudly for 32 years. But the posters, ads, and banners around town a few years ago lacked energy, especially when compared with the event on the lawn. For a festival that was supposed to be all about youthful vitality, the branding felt a little long in the tooth. The brief was, quite simply, to give this old festival some new life.

A number of branded elements came together to refresh the festival. An evocative conceptual illustration created a bold visual pop. A Kids’ World map, created through cut paper, mirrored the different scenes and areas of the festival. The overall design leverages a simple, fun, imaginative aesthetic that appeals to both boys and girls. The new posters and communications materials were very well received by the client, parents, and, most importantly, kids. After all, it’s their world.

“Toolbox delivered a brand and campaign that has been exceptionally well received by our staff, sponsors and audience.”

Miriam Gregory, Festival Director
Vancouver International Children's Festival

Family Events Design

Bringing an outdoor festival to the street

These illustrations were expressly designed to be a window into another world. They popped very nicely on transit shelters, posters, and bus decals.

Children's Festival Branding
Map Design
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