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A half-century of trust.
A retail brand with real life.


After 50 years in Victoria, BC, Mayfair Shopping Centre has a lot going for it. It’s a trusted pillar on the island, for one thing. This is no small feat: Victoria has its own character, with a unique personality and outlook. Its demographic is incredibly diverse, including a large student population, West Coast alternative lifestylers, established families, and empty-nest parents. Mayfair
has managed to be a familiar face to all these groups
– a trusted presence in this community.

In today's competitive landscape, old school friendly
only goes so far. Mayfair's key advantage? Plenty of market-unique brands, with incredible depth in the most important fashion categories. To remain competitive, Mayfair needed to leverage that category strength against all the trust they’d amassed in a half-century – and present themselves with a bold new brand identity. We helped Mayfair to draft a youthful, energetic brand that brought these points home clearly and powerfully – and cued the centre up for its upcoming 50th anniversary.

You + Brand + New

Stronger Together

The promise of fashion retail is one of renewal. Mayfair needed to reiterate that promise – and the centre’s category strength – in a brighter, fresher, younger way. The bright, vivid palette powerfully announced a restaged Mayfair. The hard-working tagline boldly placed the shopper at the centre of the Mayfair brand promise. The same language convention was used throughout tactical campaigns, creating a rhythm and pace to the Mayfair tone of voice.
Mayfair Fabulous 50

A Vivid Vision

The combination of products and model in staccato, varied colour bursts provided Mayfair with an ownable visual signature. This distinctively lush palette injects vitality and energy into the brand while signalling a wake-up call to the audience – this is a Mayfair reborn.
The intense
vibration of colour
created an unmissable
visual signature,
a statement of
brand intent.
Mayfair 50 Fab Shoes + Louboutin in Toronto
Mayfair 50 Fab Shoes + Louboutin in Toronto
Mayfair Slider 1 Mayfair Slider 2 Mayfair Slider 3 Mayfair Slider 4 Mayfair Slider 5
A digital stampede
of thousands entered
for the dream prize,
marking a successful
kick-off to enhanced
Mayfair tactics.

Best foot forward

To demonstrate that category strength in a real way, Mayfair leveraged one
of its strongest categories – shoes – in a contest that played on every girl’s fantasy. The grand prize? 50 pairs of shoes (!), plus a dream trip to the Louboutin exhibit in Toronto. This multi-pronged campaign drove traffic
in-mall, and garnered strong engagement online and in the community.
Mayfair 50 Fab Shoes + Louboutin in Toronto Banners

Mayfair the deal is in the details
Mayfair the deal is in the details

Down to the last detail

The new visual signature works beautifully on a macro/micro level, and from season to season. Each iteration is distinct, but clearly a part of one overriding thought. It reflects Mayfair’s youthful, strong identity through in-mall, environmental, and advertising applications. All to set up the centre for the next half-century of success.
Mayfair the deal is in the details
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