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Beverage Packaging

Beer packaging that knows where it comes from


Granville Island Brewing is a Vancouver craft beer classic. Their branding embodies life on this coast, and their Summer Minglers, featuring the best brews of the season, are a strong tradition at this city’s beaches and barbecues. So when Granville Island Brewing approached Toolbox to help with this year’s Summer Mingler, we knew we wanted to do something really different – but still respect a brand with a firm place in the heart of this city.

We held the key tagline for Granville Island – “It’s good to be here” – as our holy grail. And what’s more “here” than where it all began? We focused our Mingler concept right on the island, the true world of Granville Island Brewing. The result was a new vision of some well-loved local landmarks, with a very spirited personality.

“Recognizing the equity in that visual identity, we created an eccentric, hand-cut collage of our own, themed around Granville Island’s unique dockside feel.”

Beer Packaging
Beer Packaging

The old collage try

The existing brand for Granville Island used a montage of iconic BC imagery, highlighting local flavour. Seeing the value in that visual equity, we created an eccentric, hand-cut collage of our own. It was themed around Granville Island’s unique dockside feel, and presented a jaunty vision of its legendary artisan culture.

We mix, we mingle

We also, of course, wanted to highlight the promise of “something for everyone” – a key tenet of the Mingler. We organized the various brews in the Mingler into distilled icons that simplified the existing brands, making the featured brews easy to identify in the beer store aisle. A key selling feature for this Mingler was an extra beer, a mystery flavour. We drew attention to this freebie with a shadowy, mysterious bottle avatar, and the friendly conversational phrase, “Have one on us.”

Box Design
Custom Illustration
Craft Brewer
Vancouver Brand

Lock it down

The whole scene interlocks with a stacking power that translates very nicely on the shelves, and works across the 12 (and 13!) pack of both bottles and cans. The shelf presence is excellent, and the Mingler has been selling like crazy. In fact, we had a hard time getting our hands on it to shoot for this portfolio entry. We’d call that a success. And we’ll drink to that.

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