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Beer Branding

Value craft beer that's
burly as the backwoods


Value craft is a fast-growing segment of the beer category, especially among young men. It's a demanding audience. These strapping young woodsmen want quality beer with an authentic, crafty-looking, small-batch feel. Still, it needs to be inexpensive – and LOOK inexpensive – to compete for eyes in the beer store aisle. This is a tricky balance.

Bushman was ready to mark its territory in this competitive ground. We sniffed out an identity with a deep Canadiana feel – comfy as a wood paneled rec room, burly as the backwoods. Making this happen required a lot of forethought. And careful, methodical execution.
Kind of like building a cabin in the mountains.
From scratch. With your bare hands.

Packaging Design
Packaging Design

Carving out some market share

To create a hand-hewn, masculine, rustic kind of atmosphere, we employed – you guessed it – real human hands. We began with simple sketches. An outside illustrator rendered a detailed woodcut feeling for the antlers and crest. (The result is so convincing, we were blowing sawdust off our screen.) To create powerful punch for the shelf, we overlaid our graphic over an iconic Canadian plaid. After all, what’s more deep-north than lumberjack red?

Can Packaging Design

The strong
silent type

All of this careful planning and hand sketched detail led to two unassuming, down-to-earth deliverables. The can is vivid, bold, funny, and has as much shelf appeal as a 12-point trophy buck. The poster echoes this vivid presence, with jaunty language that hammers home the key USPs – price, and alcohol content.

Meanwhile, the parent brewery, Black Loon Brewing, provided some air cover. This is a maverick brand, steeped in Canadiana, and definitely off the radar. Deep in the bush, so to speak.

Craft Beer - Print Design
Craft beer
Strong Beer
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