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Greater than the sum
of the (auto) parts


Altrom is a prominent automotive parts supplier in North America, dealing directly with hundreds of independent garages and repair shops specializing in import cars. The company has been offering quality, reliable service for 40 years. They’re a trusted source to countless mechanics, and a big name. With a 40,000 square foot warehouse, a catalog of over 3 million parts, and 17 distribution centres across the continent, Altrom delivers quality parts, fast, on a huge scale. For many shops across North America, it’s literally a part of their business – a plug-and- play parts engine that allows the well-oiled machine of an independent shop to run smoothly.

The auto parts supply business is highly price sensitive. Typically, a repair shop makes a side-by-side comparison with competitors like WorldPac, LordCo, Mopar etc. – and chooses whichever source offers the most advantageous price.

Our brief was to build a brand that brought more than the value angle. Altrom has a 40-year track record of getting sweet machines back on the road, fast. If we could render a brand that echoes that precision, trust, and momentum, we could lead mechanics to align themselves with Altrom more – and choose their parts more often. That was our checkered flag.

“The results caused a standing ovation at the Annual General Meeting of Altrom.”


Engineered for everyday pit crews

Altrom functions like an integral part of repair shops – a giant parts distribution network that swings into action, locked and loaded, for any garage in North America. All so they can get their clients back on the road, fast. We needed to remember these details in everything we did, and allow the feeling of success in these matters pervade the whole brand.


Pole positioning

Visually, we needed Altrom’s brand to reflect dynamism, precision, and engine-block power. For the logo, we fuel-injected strength, precision, and momentum – all critical qualities for the brand personality – into the new identity. Porsche blue, Ferrari red, and a forward-slanting confidence. From there, we could assemble a richer visual profile for every component of the company, from packaging to storefronts.



Get it. Fix it. Go.

The tagline speaks to the simplicity, fit, and ease of working with Altrom. The simple three-pronged rhythm of this statement positions Altrom as the easier, more hassle free, faster solution. Everything clicks here.

Altrom Altrom

Winner’s circle

Once the brand was well established, it was time to peel it out throughout the suite of branded materials. The vivid, masculine colours, the strong stripes, the powerful momentum expressed themselves everywhere, from shop floor to loading docks. The results caused a standing ovation at the Annual General Meeting of Altrom. We’d call that a pretty strong finish.

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